On the 29th of January 2014 I was honoured enough to attend one of my close relative’s school called Holy Family Convent Nursery School, located in Jaffna. This school is for children who suffer illnesses such as autism, Down syndrome and various other disabilities. This school really hit home as I met many kids who are very similar to my brother who also suffers a permanent brain damage. I was so overwhelmed by how welcoming, well mannered and bubbly these kids were. Some of these children don’t just come in during school hours but actually live at this school and are taken care of by the amazingly selfless, beautiful sisters that run the school as their parents are not financially, mentally or physically capable of looking after their child. As someone who has a family member suffering from a physical and mental disability I am fully aware of the difficulties faced by such children and their respective families. You are faced with SO many obstacles that challenge you and shred you in to pieces. That being said, my family and I are blessed to live in a country with so many available facilities and services at hand for my brother, making his life and our life easier. These children however, don’t have access to as many services, facilities and support that we have here in Australia & so their journey is a lot lonelier, bumpier, scarier and difficult. That’s why I think it’s really important that people like us should help them get every support they need.
With the holiday season coming up if you’re travelling to countries like SL or India make sure you incorporate charitable trips and visit schools with disadvantaged children and do what you can to help them. ❤️ Just seeing me walk through the doors of their classroom made them jump for joy as they surrounded me wanting to know my name, shake my hand and hug me. SO, regardless of the amount you choose to donate I know these kids will be undoubted fully appreciative of the thought and hand you put out to help them.
Feel free to DM me if you want to donate and help out. If you’re curious about my brother and his disability just click the link on my bio 😊. Sending lots of love and positive vibes guys🙏🏾✨


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