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Welcome Aboard!

Hii guys!!

So yes, I’ve finally decided to create my own little corner where I can not only express myself through videos and images like the lovely Youtube and Instagram allow me to do but now I can write long winded posts and get my thoughts, ideas and weird nonsense out in writing (kids never use ‘and’ twice in a sentence and don’t ever write long ass sentences like this. I’m really not going to be too bothered on my grammar, punctuation and just type. Type without worrying about the grammar nazi within me =p). Now back to what I was saying, so there’s always so much more to the videos, vlogs, creative projects that I engage in and I don’t want to bombard you guys on Instagram when all you want to do is sit in bed and scroll through pretty photos, relatable quotes and funny short skits because let’s face it we now all have the attention span of a gold fish and we are ceeeeebs to be reading long ass posts. But for those of you who are bored, procrastinating, stalking  & keen for a read, you can come over here and readddddd away!


Not really sure how this space will go because my life is so spontaneous.  But hey! I’m all for spontaneity & if it means I can share it with you guys then win-win!


Thanks for popping by!


Your Social Butterfly!

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