Brown and Badass Series


This one is for all the girls growing up who were called a ROWDY (badass)
A VAAYADI (chatterbox)
A KULAPADI (naughty/cheeky)
AN AATAKAARI (silly/dramatic)
Stop talking so MUCH
Stop sitting on the couch with your legs open like THAT
Stop getting angry
Stop speaking BACK
Stop speaking UP
Stop dressing like THAT
Stop having dreams and aspirations
Stop having opinions
Stop wearing that colour
Stop taking risks
Stop breaking the rules
Stop being silly
Stop being so imaginative
Stop having that skin tone
Stop doing this and start doing THAT.

Your duty is to follow as we say. Fulfil our expectations. Abide by our rules & that would lead you to the life you are “destined for.”

Sound familiar?

WTF girls? Yes we came into this world as females. Not bloody robots or computers to be programmed and coded to act the way others want us to. You’re a LIFE. You have ALL the rights in this universe to have your own dreams and aspirations. You are ENTITLED to make mistakes. Experiment. Explore. Figure out who you are, who you want to be and what you want to do with this life that YOU earnt. As up front as this sounds, YOU are that one sperm who won the damn race for LIFE amongst millions of other competitors. YOU. You freaking won this.

They’re not going to write fairytales about girls who were ruthless. Girls who were savage. Girls who were incessantly wild, free, dangerous and WON. No. Instead they’re going to feed you the stories of where girls were damsels in distress. Girls who were sweet, soft-spoken, kind and rejected all sin. I can understand why though. Can you imagine what a terrifying thought it would be to have a red riding hood who knew exactly what she was doing when she invited the wild in?

So ladies, you are a comet of power, intensity, strength and courage. So do what you do best by blazing across this universe and do not let ANYONE scare you out of your own potential. Stand up not only for yourself but stand up for others. Use your infinite strength, power and courage to not just climb mountains but to MOVE them too. Ladies it’s time to be empowered..Collab details ⬇

🖤 #BrownAndBadAssSeries Concept by@thelifeofsocialbutterfly

👸🏾Models:@ashkumaaar & @thelifeofasocialbutterfly

💄Makeup by @aditimakeup

📷Photo taken by @evervisionvideography edited by @dioscuriphotography

👩🏾Hair by@kbellabeauty

👩🏾‍🎨Henna by@arora_mehendi

💎Jewellery by@shaanjewellery

👗My entire lehenga was by @suhanyalingamofficial and Ash’s skirt is by @waidurya